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Single Phase 15L Hybrid Electric Water Heater (6kW)


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  1. Unlimited water in the summer, >40 mins of hot water in the winter upon heating the entire tank*
  2. Heating Time of Only 3.4 mins (Market Average is 11.5 minutes)**
  3. Double Patented Heating Systems***
  4. Rare Double Tank Being Granted Grade 1 Energy Label and Green Label
  5. Stainless Steel Double Tank Structure
  6. Slim 200mm Streamlined Design
  7. Rare 6kW water heater in the market
  8. Overheat Safety Protection
  9. Flexible P&T Relief Valve Installation
  10. Electronic Display
  11. Auto-Operation,  Auto Adjustment between Summer & Winter Mode
  12. IPx4 Waterproof, Fireproof, Insulated and Stainless Plastic Cast
  13. High Insulation Performance with 25mm of PU Material

Additional information

Weight - kg
Dimensions 37 × 67 × 20 cm

Basic Installation $550 (Inclusive of dismantling the old appliance, basic installation of the purchased appliance, but does not include the disposal of old appliance), This product is guaranteed for 5-year inner tank and 1-year comprehensive on-site warranty from the date of purchase.